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Wing & Sons Powder Coating

We are a Family business, we have lived in the South - West of Devon for many years.

Our Family Powder coating business, all began from our love of restoring series Land Rovers. Which is why we now  Specialize in Restoration. If you know "Landy's" You will know, how often rust can creep up. We tried all sorts of paints and nothing seemed to last. After a lot of Internet research we came across “Powder Coating” Which lead us to try and have a go. So we could see the results for ourselves. We couldn't believe how amazing the outcome was.

Even after some time had passed the paint didn't rust or, wear off, unlike the the paints we had used in the past. From doing this we started Powder Coating our own tools, and other things, Around  our work shop. Like shelf's and bolts, door handels, and many other things that can get rusty.

Which then lead us to starting our own "Powder Coating" business, and we are still learning new things Everyday. We are truly passionate about providing high quality work, and we are not an industrial powder coating company.

Our Family business is run by Father and Son

Will Wing & Terry Wing

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